Privacy Policy

For the purposes of running its business and promoting / operating its events, Messe International holds personal information on its company database.

This information includes at a minimum: name, position, company, email address.  It may also include physical address and phone numbers if these have been provided.  Individuals’ previous registration and attendances at  events may also be stored, together with responses  to  surveys.

This information is collected in the following ways:

  1. During registration for one of Messe International’s events
  2. By downloading information from one of our websites
  3. By submitting details via our Contat Us form on our website.
  4. Being contacted directly by Messe International with a request for the information.

The information is used to provide newsletters and details about upcoming Messe International events.

In all email communications, Messe International provides an opt-out system which allows the person to discontinue receiving some or all communication from Messe International.

If a person wishes to find out how Messe International obtained their personal information, or wishes to alert Messe International about a breach of privacy policy, they should contact us  directly.

Messe International does not share any personal information with any third party, except where the person has given express permission to Messe International, via an opt-in procedure, to provide their email address to a nominated third party such as an Event, Partner, Sponsor or Exhibitor.

Where third parties such as exhibitors and sponsors send promotional items for Messe International events to their own databases, with either a direct hyperlink or a promotional code to register for the Messe International event, we will provide that third party with the details of all people that registered for the event via the hyperlink or the promotional code.